Sunday, February 14, 2010

everyone deserves to feel that way

"Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist"
-George Carlin

Valentine's Day... ahhhh.. the day single people swear was created by Hallmark. It's the day couples make the extra effort to show each other how much they care. Whether you recognize it as a "holiday", it still makes the single people feel REALLY single.

I am a die hard romantic, yet when you've been through failed relationships, it is difficult not to become cynical and jaded these days.

I do remember what it's like to feel something special. That does not mean I want to re-visit the past at all. You can only look at those times as a learning experience. I have learned a lot about myself. I learned what I want and I don't want. I like myself more than ever now. That, in itself, is worth the journey.

I wish all the couples out there nothing but the happiness loves provides. Everyone deserves to feel that way.

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