Friday, May 21, 2010


I noticed a charge on my PNC bank account on 5-14-2010 from "caremark mail" for $160.

I have not been a caremark customer for a year! when i called caremark - i spoke to several reps this week - and ALL of them found no record of any charges on my acct - let alone one for $160!

The situation has been forwarded to "billing". I WAS supposed to hear back via phone to me, withine 24 hours. THAT WAS MONDAY. TODAY IS FRIDAY.

Conveniently there is no number that I can directly contact billing - they have to contact me. It's Bull $-it as far as I am concerned.

Meantime, I am -$109 balance in my account, PLUS overdraft fees!

THIS MUST BE RESOLVED ASAP! it is insane! I have bills to pay! There is absolutely no reason for this charge! I have not even received any products in the mail relating to such a charge, yet your company now has my money, WITH NO EXPLANATION!

I smell IDENTITY THEFT! SCAM! Poor Customer Service at the VERY LEAST!

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