Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Phillies Fan Speaks Out

"They can because they think they can"

I admit it. I don't really follow professional sports. I don't really pay attention to teams unless 1) I am at a game (which are fun) 2) at someone's house for a get-together. And 3) they make the play-offs. I am not ashamed to say it. You call me what you want lol. I wasn't raised in a house of die-hard fans. My mom and dad watch football at home on a Sunday. That's about it.
I have been to games, but I never caught fan-fever. That's until the Phillies went to the World Series last year.

For the first time in my life I started to understand what the fuss is all about. I watched each game in the playoffs. I watched every game in the World Series. Yeah I am 32, but I got a crush on Chase Utley and maybe even Cole Hamels, but I know, take a number ha ha.... what can I say, i got thing for men in uniform... and well I'll save that subject for another day :)

I watched the Eagles towards the end of last year's season and I started watching the Phillies again this year when they took on the Dodgers. I don't own any sports shirts or hats. I don't rush out into the streets and cheer when they win. I didn't even get to the parade last year (although that had more to do with the Septa crisis).

My point - you don't have to be "die-hard" to be a fan. I am from Philadelphia. These teams represent our city. Philly is a love or hate place. You either love it or you hate, no in-between emotions. Philly has been starving for a win for decades. Fans were disappointed every single year with every single sports team. For once, they got their wish. The Phillies are the world champs.

Now its time to do it again. It's sure to be a big battle - maybe even more so than last year. They are defending their title AND they're taking on the Yankee (and its dynasty).

I am a fan no matter what you "die hards" say about people "like me".

I want our guys to kick New York's a$$. I want us to show New York, and the rest of the world, we may be the smaller city, but we have guts, glory, talent and heart.

No matter what happens at the World Series, though, WE already know the guts, glory, talent and heart are the epitome of Philadelphia.

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